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Queen’s Park Engagements

Celebrating Canada Day

MPP Pang told the legislature how the people of Markham—Unionville celebrated Canada Day in 2020 and how they were adapting to the pandemic.

Planning economic recovery

MPP Pang gave a speech explaining the economic uncertainty faced by businesses in Markham—Unionville. He shared how he has consulted with local businesses about how the government can help.

Promoting York Region arts

MPP Pang met with the Executive Director of the York Region Arts Council to hear updates on the arts and tourism sector, and to learn how the government can better support them during the pandemic.

CF Markville Mall

MPP Pang met with the General Manager of CF Markville to hear their perspectives on Ontario’s reopening. Listening to business voices has been a priority for the Ontario government.

Ontario Athletic Therapist Association

Along with Hon. Lisa MacLeod and PA Vincent Ke, MPP Pang met with the Ontario Athletic Therapist Association to discuss the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and anti-Asian racism.

Association of Municipalities of Ontario

In his capacity as Parliamentary Assistant to Minister Lisa MacLeod, MPP Pang attended the AMO meeting to listen to the concerns of municipalities during the pandemic.

Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

MPP Pang met with the Tourism Association of Ontario to listen to the latest information on how the government can further support the sector as Ontario works towards economic recovery.

York Regional Police District 5

MPP had a meeting with various leaders in York Regional Police District 5 to discuss the rising concern of hate motivated crimes in Markham—Unionvilleand the initiatives they are taking to address such crimes.

Ontario Museum Association

MPP Pang met with the Ontario Museum Association to get their input on the 2021 budget, and how museums can be supported and better geared towards recovery.

Ontario Good Roads Association

Alongside caucus colleagues, MPP Pang met with the Ontario Good Roads Association to hear their input on the state of our roads, municipal transportation, and how the Ontario government can further support these sectors.

Universal Support Systems LTD

MPP Pang had the opportunity to meet with Universal Support Systems LTD, a local Markham—Unionville business. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and the government will continue to explore all options to support them.

Social Planning Council York Region

MPP met with the Social Planning Council York Region to hear their input on further support for Markham—Unionville and communities in York Region.


MPP Pang connected with local business Demetres to hear how the dessert store has persevered during the pandemic. The Ontario government will continue to support small businesses.

Yellow Brick House

MPP Pang had the chance to connect with the organizers of Yellow Brick House. Yellow Brick House does great work to support women and children impacted violence in Markham—Unionville.

Poppy Heath Canada

MPP had the opportunity to meet with Poppy Health Canada. The company shared their work on an innovative device designed to help fight COVID-19.

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