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Queen’s Park Engagements

Advocated for economic recovery

MPP Pang spoke in support of the Build Ontario Act, an investment of $51 billion in the fight against COVID-19. The Ontario government is committed to an economically prosperous recovery.

Introduction of Bill

Advocated for Lupus awareness

MPP Pang introduced his bill to create Lupus Awareness Day for those suffering from the disease. 1 in 1000 Ontarians suffer from lupus, and there is no cure.

Met with the Ontario Dental Association

MPP Pang met with the Ontario Dental Association at the legislature to discuss the noble services they provide children and seniors of low-incomes backgrounds.

Met with the Registered Nurses’ Association

MPP Pang met with members of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario Region 7 to discuss the RNAO’s recommendations and thoughts on long-term care in Ontario and opioid addiction and overdose.

Tour Queen’s Park with constituents

MPP Pang gave a Member’s Statement sharing how he gave a virtual tour of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario during the pandemic.

The faith of Ontarians

MPP Pang gave a Member’s Statement standing up for the right for every Ontarian to feel safe when they practice their faith.

Appreciating senior volunteers

MPP Pang introduced a bill to create a week to appreciate the superb work of senior volunteers in Ontario’s communities. The bill was brought into law June 3, 2021.

Unionville Villa

MPP Pang gave a speech celebrating 50 years of Unionville Villa serving the region’s senior citizens with excellent care. The Ontario government has made a number of investments in the riding’s seniors.

Caring for veterans

MPP Pang spoke in support of a bill to recognize the sacrifice of veterans and ensure that soldiers and their families are cared for. Our province must always recognize the sacrifices our armed forces have made.

York University’s Markham Campus

MPP Pang highlights the Ford government’s support of York University’s Markham Centre Campus, a project that will generate significant economic benefits for Markham—Unionville.

$4.2M investment for seniors housing

MPP Pang announces government investment of $4.2 million in Unionville Seniors Affordable Housing Development. The pandemic has underlined the need for better housing options for seniors.

Public Transit Association

MPP Pang met with the Ontario Public Transit Association to discuss the future of public transit in the GTA and, specifically, Markham. The Ontario government has vowed to invest in public transit to spur economic growth.

COVID-19 Immunization

MPP Pang gave a Member’s Statement explaining the work that his office did to help Markham—Unionville access their QR code vaccine certificates.

Lunar New Year and Anti-Racism

MPP Pang gave a Member’s Statement sharing the celebrations of Lunar New Year inMarkham—Unionville. He emphasizes the importance of ongoing anti-racism efforts to promote Ontario’s diversity.

World Vision 6K

MPP Pang shared the important work that World Vision 6k does to improve the world’s access to clean water, highlighting the fundraising efforts in Markham—Unionville.

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