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Summary of Achievements (2018-2022)

Resources brought into Markham-Unionville

Advocating at Queen’s Park

Community engagements

Resources brought into Markham-Unionville

Building Brighter Future for our Kids

Our children deserve to learn in an educational environment where they can prosper and succeed.

  • $14.5M to build a new Markham elementary school, serving 638 students. Location: Hwy 7/Warden
  • York Region District School Board:
    • $129.4M+ in COVID-19 specific funding
    • $17.5M+ to improve ventilation since onset of pandemic
    • $16.63M to support temporary staffing (2021-22)
    • 1310+ HEPA filters
    • 350K non-fitted N95 masks 
    • 214K + Rapid Antigen Tests  
  • York Catholic District School Board:
    • $53.3M+ in COVID-19 specific funding 
    • $16.6M+ to improve ventilation since onset of pandemic
    • $7.18M to support temporary staffing (2021-22)
    • 590+ HEPA filters
    • 85K+ rapid antigen tests
  • Supporting York University’s Markham Centre Campus, the first publicly assisted university in York Region. Location: Enterprise Blvd/Rivis Rd

Healthy Communities, Happy Communities 

The Ontario Government is making more investments to support your health and well-being.  

  • $3.6M+ to expand and add up to 15 hospital beds and 5 critical beds to Markham Stouffville Hospital  
  • $1.64M+ from 2019-2021 to expand local mental health and addictions services 

Ensuring Safety and Security for Seniors

The pandemic has underscored the need to support our seniors and provide quality living options. That is why the Ontario Government has made multiple investments for Markham—Unionville’s senior communities. 

  • Joint investment of $4.2M+ to build a new 264-unit Unionville Seniors affordable housing building 
  • $151K+ in 2021 to enhance prevention and containment efforts in Markham-Unionville retirement homes
  • $577K+ from 2018-21 to support 20 programs that motivate older adults to stay active

Building more Long-Term Care Beds

The Ontario Government is focused on addressing the demand for long-term care beds, and that is why it is making investments to ensure all have access to this crucial service. 

  • The Mon Sheong Foundation’s new Markham long term care center receives government funding for an additional 128 beds, bringing the future center’s total size to 320 beds
  • 256 new beds for new long-term care home, Lang Yi Markham
  • $3.5M+ for 2021-2022 to support Union Villa and Bethany Lodge increase staffing levels, leading to more direct care for residents
  • $1.67M+, since 2020, to enhance prevention and containment efforts in Markham—Unionville long-term care homes during COVID

Investing in Vibrant Community Initiatives 

Despite the interruptions to normal life that COVID has caused, the Ontario Government has worked hard to reinvigorate our community by investing in events, groups, and other local initiatives. 

  • Close to $400K in 2020-21 to support 5 locally-run festivals and events 
  • $158K+ in 2020-21 to support 20 local athletes striving to reach national and international levels of competition
  • $1.2M+ from 2019-2021 to support 10 non-profit organizations continue to improve quality of life for Ontarians   

Helping You Weather the COVID Storm

The pandemic has made life more insecure across society, especially small business owners. That is why the Ontario Government has prioritized the deployment of support for all walks of life. 

  • $31M+ to support 1,185+ small businesses in 2021 through the Small Business Support Grant
  • $40.3M+ to support shelters and keep vulnerable people in York Region safe during COVID 
  • $2.4M+ in 2021 to support critical local infrastructure projects in Markham and York Region 
  • $33.6M+ to York Region to support access to safe and reliable transit during COVID 

Keeping Families and our Community Safe

The safety of our community is a primary concern of the Ontario Government. Investments are being made to support York Regional Police (YRP), and organizations to ensure that everyone feels safe in this province. 

  • Grant of $60K+ in 2022 to support eligible faith-based and cultural organization applicants increase safety and security measures
  • $150K to One Child, an organization dedicated to supporting victims of sex trafficking  
  • $600K to YRP’s Project Uriel and Project Infantry to support victims and tackle human trafficking
  • $14M+ for road safety, drug control, and general community safety over four years
  • $2M+ to tackle intersection of gang violence and human trafficking over two years

Growing a Green Economy 

The Ontario Government is committed to a green future for the province, and some of the action is taking place in MarkhamUnionville. 

  • Supporting GE Hitachi and its deployment of cutting edge nuclear reactors to help decarbonize the power grid and create 80 skilled jobs 
  • Welcoming Tesla’s new battery factory and its creation of jobs and EV
  • Welcoming Enbridge’s launch of a hydrogen-blending facility which will reduce the emissions of 3,600 families and businesses across Markham 

Advocating at Queen’s Park

At Queen’s Park, I will continue to bring the concerns and ideas of MarkhamUnionville into the provincial dialogue, and advocate on behalf of your interests. 

  • Delivered 202+ speeches
  • Took part in 31+ debates on a wide range of legislation 
  • Introduced and passed two new private member bills
    • Lupus awareness, Bill 112
    • Senior volunteer appreciation, Bill 270
  • Delivered 38+ Member’s Statements, highlighting events in the community:
    • Anti-Asian Racism
    • Condemning targeted attacks towards places of worship
    • Vaccine QR code help desk  
  • A part of 7+ ministry announcements
    • $1.6M Anti-Hate Anti-Racism Grant Program 
    • $9M Reconnect Festival and Event Program
  • Presented 17 petitions from residents of Markham—Unionville 
  • Met 40+ interest and advocacy groups 

Community Engagements

My most important meetings are those with the community, and I will continue to host constituents for discussions and celebrations. 

  • Connected with countless constituents and organizations living or working in Markham—Unionville 
  • Met with 200+ businesses 
  • 15+ celebrations and meet & greets, including:
    • Lunar New Year celebrations
    • Christmas coffee meet & greets
    • Seniors luncheon 
    • Free community BBQs
  • 20+ town halls and roundtables, including:
    • Pre-budget consultations 
    • Crime Prevention seminar with YRP
    • Safe Reopening of Schools virtual roundtable 
    • Ontario Autism Program roundtable 
    • Attended 90+ local events 

Keeping you Informed 

I know that during the pandemic it has been difficult to sort through so much information. That is why I take every opportunity to speak with the media to relay key updates about the work of Ontario’s Government.

  • 135+ interviews 

Promoting Ontario Spirit

The pandemic has shown us that our biggest issues require cooperation to overcome. Ontario’s spirit in tackling the pandemic has been phenomenal, making me proud to serve this riding. 

  • 600K+ face masks donated
  • Meals for Heroes campaign 
  • Hosting vaccine clinics and blood drives 
  • Food hampers for seniors